Adriana Varella

Adriana Varella

Adriana Varella

Born in Rio/Brazil, lives and works in New York City.

Adriana Varella is a Transdisciplinary artist whose work draws upon: Gender/Feminism/Anarchism/CriticalPractice.

Projects in Drawing, Performance, Photo-Video-Computer Installation, (Site-Specific) Public Art, etc.

Creates and organizes the ANARKOARTLAB Collective in NYC.   


1991/94 Parque Lage School of Visual Arts - Rio/Brazil
1996/98 FAPERJ with Federal University of Rio de Janeiro / UNIARTE / Research in video art and video installation - Rio/Brazil

Public Art Project
Digital DNA - (site specific) Lytton Plaza, University Street with Emerson Ave - Palo Alto, California. Now at Harvard Business School - Boston, MA

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Getting Lost in Oneself (process) - BGSQD,Manhattan,NYC

New Configurations for a Queer Family -(Anarkoartlab) - Queens Museum, NY.

Trans Pacific (Public Art Site Specific) and Trans Smalls Sketches) - Oi Future Museum of Art and Technology - Rio / Brazil

Anthropophagous Banquet - 12 channels Video installation, Republic Museum, Rio / Brazil


Selected Group Exhibitions


Bombing walls (Performance) - Last Frontier, Brooklyn and Grace Space Exhibition, Manhattan, NYC

Cracks in the Civilized Landscape - Film and Performance-ANARKOARTLAB - The Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival, Montreal, CA


ANARKOARTLAB - Skin of places - Secret Garden - Fort Tilden, NY


Aimlessly - Beyond Limits: Post Global Biennale/San Diego Art Institute, CA


Cracks in the civilized landscapes- Lesbian Herstory Archives, NYC

Resonance - Prism Breakup / Eyebeam -NYC

Unlanguage - Mediations biennial - The Unknown - Poznan / Poland

ANARKOARTLAB - Occupy Revolution here and now, Living Theater, NYC

Cracks - Performance and video –Dimanche Rouge, Paris, France


Cracks/ 10 channels video installation / Mix Experimental Festival NYC

Spectacles in Flames (Public Art Projects) /Flash: light Nuit Blanche/ New Museum, NYC

Chess- Anarko Art Festival – Deconstructing power; creating new routes – The Living Theater, NYC

Cracks drawings/Letters CATMChelsea Manhattan Art Gallery, NYC

NoTerritory - Lumen – Anarko Art Lab – Staten Island, NY

Invented House - Endless Bridge (Manhattan Bridge), Leo Kuelbs Collections, Brooklyn and Berlin


Meeting God - Mix Experimental Film Festival - Manhattan/NY
Transverse - The Map is not the territory - NYFA 2009 / Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY
Mirror Organism - Anarchist Art Lab / Living Theater, Manhattan, NY
Spur Brooklyn -The End. And...Latin Collector, Manhattan, NY
Transpiration - Other world resonances - Anarchist Art Lab / Living Theater, Manhattan, NY
Nuclei - Reproduction (Proposal) Anarchist Art Lab. / Living Theater , Manhattan, NY

Vein - Luminous Flux Video Art - Galapagos Art Space, Dumbo, NY
Meeting God - Future=Fertile - Leo Kuelbs Collection, Brooklyn, NY
Heliogabalus and Consciousness causes collapse-Anarchist Art Festival - Living Theater, Manhattan, NY
Transmutation Landscape - The Object is illuminated - Latin Collector Gallery, Manhattan, NY


Invented House - Public Art Project - Streets of San Francisco- San Francisco, CA
Space within space - Leo Kuelbs Collection, Brooklyn, NY
Holy Holes: Absolute Stalls - "Consciousness causes collapse" - Dumbo Art Center, Brooklyn, NY

Manhattan FLOWER Bridge (Public Art Project Manhattan Bridge) DUMBO, NY

Staircase Public Art Project / Staircase Photo video Installation - Allied Kinetics - Leo Kuelbs Collection, Brooklyn,NY

Action number 3 (Altar) / Exorcising the church - Public Art Project (entrance doors) - Judson Memorial Church - Manhattan, NY

Spur Brooklyn - Video Installation - D.U.M.B.O under the bridge project, Brooklyn, NY

Adam/Soldier - Photo Video installation -Red Ink Studios, San Francisco, CA

Actions number 1,2,3 - Video Art - San Francisco County Fair Building on Golden Gate Park - San Francisco, CA

Video installations - and Video Art - Itau Cultural -Made in Brazil project -ZKM(Germany) WRO (Poland) Videoart Center Tokyo (Japan),Triangle (France), SESC Sao Paulo and Videobrasil (Brazil)

Possession - Photo Installation- Art Explosion, San Francisco, CA

Identity - "Landing " - Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA Ariadne (project 3) - Video - Venus film festival - New York City - NY

DDNA1 - Anno Domini- Phantom Galleries - San Jose windows project - Temporary public art - San Jose, CA
Ariadne (project 1) - video installation and photos - Ballaco Gallery - San Francisco, CA

Interference on Public TV broadcast - 24th International Biennial of Art, Ljubljana - Slovenia
Paradoxical Images - Video Installations - School of Visual Arts at Parque Lage - Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Deviation of the feminine - Nomad extension (Constructed Identity) and Narcissus - video installation - CCCEF - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Spur (Dialogs) - video installation "Rumos Visuais" Project / Itaú Cultural - Brazil / São Paulo / Recife / Minas Gerais - Brazil
Seeing trough her eyes - video installation - FUNART National Foundation for the Arts - Rio de Janeiro- Brazil

Random Field - Video Installation - Gallery for Contemporary Arts at the Telephone Museum - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Living in the randomness - Video Etchings - "Exposição Espaço gravado" Gallery for Contemporary Arts at the Telephone Museum - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Ego Formula - Video Etchings - Bennett University - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Circular Frequency - Video Installation - School of Visual Arts at Parque Lage - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Book -Video - Object " Borderline " - Video Installation, Paco das Artes - SP - Brazil

Zone 0 - Video Installation - Museum of Modern Art - Rio de Janeiro -Brazil

Temporary Body- dance -video installation / Centro Cultural Itaú - SP- Brazil
In This is What is in This - video installation /DBKV Deutsch-Brasilianische Kulturelle in Berlin MAM Receiver of screams- video installation -Exhibition
O Grito / National Museum of Fine Arts- RJ- Brazil

Dodecaedro - Video Installation - Calouste Gulbekian Art Center- Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Electronic Egg - Sculpture - Estácio de Sá University - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Axis - Video Installation -Exhibition: Interdinamiótico - Fluminense Federal University- Rio de Janeiro

I.T.E.M. - Video Installation - Exhibition: A cor do Rio / CCC- RJ Collect Machine - Video Installation- Exhibition: Códigos Sincrônicos / CCC- Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Monad - video installation - Exhibition: Neural network / Parque Lage School of Visual Arts / RJ - Brazil

Khrónos - video installation - Parque Lage School of Visual Arts / Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Memory of the Hell - Dance video installation - Exhibition: "The Divine Comedy"/MAM Museum of Modern Art - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Awards & Grants

NYFA New York Foundation for the Arts - The Mentoring Program

Prize - Zone 0 (No - Territory) - video installation, XVI Brazilian National Exhibit of Contemporary Art / Museum of Modern Arts - RJ - Brazil

Great Prize - Anthropophagous Banquet - video installation - ABRA Project Paço of Arts - SP - Brazil

Prize - Filter / Fold and Point - video installation - XV Brazilian National Exhibit of Contemporary Art/National Museum of Arts - RJ- Brazil

Great Prize - Monad - video installation - II Exhibition MAM Bahia/Museum of Modern Art - BA- Brazil


Museum of Modern Art - Bahia - Brazil
FUNARTE National Museum of Fine Arts - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Gerald Brett - USA
Susan Diridon - USA
Harvard Business school - USA


TRANS - 300 pages book about Adriana Varella works by Oi Future Museum / Rio de Janeiro- Brazil
Made in Brazil - Three Decades of Brazilian Video by Arlindo Machado pages - 21,36,146,154,155,167