“The man-made environments which surround us reinforce conventional patriarchal definitions of women’s role in society and spatially imprint those sexist messages on our children. They have conditioned us to an environmental myopia which limits our self concepts …which limits our visions and choices for ways of living and working…which limits us by not providing the environments we need to support our autonomy or by barring our access to them. It is time to open our eyes and see the political nature of this environmental oppression.

The build environment is a cultural artifact. It is shaped by human intention and intervention, a living archeology through which we can extract the priorities and beliefs of the decision makers in our society. Both the process through which we build and the forms themselves embody cultural values and imply standards of behavior which affect us all.” Leslie Kanes Weisman

CRACKS IN CIVILIZED LANDSCAPES ( Desecration of spaces and monuments )