Skin of site-specifics :


This project is a collective creation.

A multimedia work where images, symbols, stickers, letters, etc were collected from cities. It comes from many people around the world that come on the streets and try a kind of communication; with other people that they know, with themselves, with random people or with the city itself (like the city being a kind of entity).

My function here is just put all together. The concept, the papers, the shape, everything.

This is an archeological project.

A public art project that try to have a discussion where is the border of public and private art. I took these materials from a public art and I put all together in these canvas trying a kind of dialog between both (public and private) I collect on the streets messages that people leave, such spurs, traces, a kind of dialog or language that me and these people are doing through stickers, posters, letters, paintings etc, Where people left on the streets and walls of the sites, usually left on the walls of the streets.

I collected already in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Paris, and I have already scheduled a trip to collect London and Rome.

This work is intended to create a dialog. I called "skin" because I'm coming to the streets to "peel" from the walls= the messages are often glued so hard that it becomes the skin of their sites.

Skin of Bronx

18 x 24


Skin of Brooklyn  48 x 60  2017

Skin of Brooklyn

48 x 60


Skin of Paris  55 x 40  2018

Skin of Paris

55 x 40



Skin of Manhattan

13F x 4F


skin of Manhattan.jpg