Video Art(8 min)

Idealized and created as a video assemblage piece, this video incorporates and subverts the painting "Charles I, King of England, from Three Angles" of Van Dick. It also incorporates and manipulates the writings of Max Stirner.

Worked out with those three conflicting complementary superimposed images, this project tries to present the idea of branching identities. This switching of identities creates a decomposition, fragmentation and dissociation of the three layers of consciousness: Oppressing, Oppressed and Free (completely related to the idea of God-State-Nation-Boss-Patriarch, etc).

These stages echo in three parallel realities. The first, as in the book “Garden of Forking Paths” by Jorge Luis Borges. The second, opposed to this, creates the possibility of "Unique" Max Stirner. Finally, the collapse of these identities, as in the "Cat Paradox" by Schrodinger. It means the choice of “God” would mean “death” to the detriment of free will choice of self (life).

Consciousness causes collapse - Holy Holes: Absolute Stalls - Dumbo Art Center, Brooklyn, NY / (2008)