Project by Adriana Varella and Ife Niklaus

Photo Installation + experimental Video + video installation + performance

cracks in civilized landscapes / 2011 / NYC

cracks in civilized landscapes / 13 channels video installation / Mix festival / 2012 / NYC

cracks in civilized landscapes / Performance + 1 channel video projection / Dimanche Rouge / Paris / France / 2012

cracks in civilized landscapes / Trailer / 2011

"Cracks in Civilized Landscapes" is an experimental-video-performance that challenges architecture as a patriarchal authority. Filming ourselves in the process of fucking in a church, a mosque, a castle, a museum, a bank and other monuments, we try to deconstruct their sacred, heroic and sexist dimension. It is a subversive attempt of desecration. We infiltrate these buildings to decipher the oppressive power beyond their formal aspect. We use sex as a revolutionary process of desecration.  The film is punctuated by an abstract poem, which recalls how language generates gender. This work was created with a lot of humor.

Places - 1 Camara Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Government building) / 2 Tree Park Slope Brooklyn, New York City / 3 Empire State Building, New York City / 4 Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, New York City / 5 Islamic Cultural Center of New York City / 6 San Joao Fort in Urca Rio se Janeiro, Brazil / 7 Metropolitan Museum, New York City / 8 Chase Bank Wall Street, New York City / 9 Eiffel Tower Paris, France / 10 Arch of Triumph Paris, France / 11 Louvre Paris, France / 12 Limousine, New York City / 13 Castle Switzerland / 14 Church Switzerland / 15 Airport / 16 Brooklyn College / 17 Castle Poland

"...the phallic nature of modern multi-storey tower block concretely, and all too obviously represents an era which has been dominated by patriarchy, authority, and hierarchy ...represent large-scale architectural evidence of a culture and a landscape which has been brutally moulded by the forces of colonialism, imperialism, centralism and state domination over many hundreds of years... this way large-scale architecture provides the most dramatic visual examples of the relationship between space and power

"...form and gender separation was/is common in many buildings, private homes, religious, secular institutions, hospitals, military buildings, sanitary facilities, etc... In many buildings the planned use of space indicate social - sexual hierarchies and distinct gender differentiation."

"...spaces participates in defining the sexual division of labor..."( Dorte Kuhlmann)

"...Spaces determines, control and affects behaviour, just as the organization of space is produced, controlled  by and in relation to behaviour." (Helen Hills)