Project by Adriana Varella and Ife Niklaus

13 channel Video Installation / performance -

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"Cracks in Civilized Landscapes" is an experimental-video-performance that challenges architecture as a patriarchal authority. Filming ourselves in the process of fucking in a church, a mosque, a castle, a museum, a bank and other monuments, we try to deconstruct their sacred, heroic and sexist dimension. It is a subversive attempt of desecration. We infiltrate these buildings to decipher the oppressive power beyond their formal aspect. We use sex as a revolutionary process of desecration.  The film is punctuated by an abstract poem, which recalls how language generates gender. This work was created with a lot of humor.

"...the phallic nature of modern multi-storey tower block concretely, and all too obviously represents an era which has been dominated by patriarchy, authority, and hierarchy ...represent large-scale architectural evidence of a culture and a landscape which has been brutally moulded by the forces of colonialism, imperialism, centralism and state domination over many hundreds of years... this way large-scale architecture provides the most dramatic visual examples of the relationship between space and power

Places - 1 Camara Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Government building) / 2 Tree Park Slope Brooklyn, New York City / 3 Empire State Building, New York City / 4 Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, New York City / 5 Islamic Cultural Center of New York City / 6 San Joao Fort in Urca Rio se Janeiro, Brazil / 7 Metropolitan Museum, New York City / 8 Chase Bank Wall Street, New York City / 9 Eiffel Tower Paris, France / 10 Arch of Triumph Paris, France / 11 Louvre Paris, France / 12 Limousine, New York City / 13 Castle Switzerland / 14 Church Switzerland / 15 Airport / 16 Brooklyn College / 17 Castle Poland