three-channels video Installation

Inspired by the Piraha Indian tribe living in the now. In their language, they don't make use of the future or the past. They do not conceive linear time, that is, here we will try to prove that time is a construction  of the language. This tribe also does not differentiate between colors and they don't have numbers. These Indians live in Amazon jungle, they are a Brazilian indigenous people they are hunter-gatherers, semi-nomadic.

With an animation from his drawing Jorge Varella (5 years) starting his life with an analysis of the time - an inverted clock-time where a pointer does not come out of the present moment;
added to the experiments of Thiago S.Gouvea, a neuroscientist in his laboratory "mice trained to pay attention to the passage of time and express their judgment through an observable action. The video shows the overlap of 52 times when the mouse judges a given interval as long. The animal's body describes in space a consistent trajectory. The researcher imposes temporal order to the environment, and the mouse enters the order into your brain and behavior. " With music from Malena Sardi (An experimental composer who used a metronome for this music composition); added to a prepared text with light (morse code) - a text against time - "time is a language construction" "Time is a prison with unquestionable authority - Routinization "or" In the orgasm we can escape time" "We from the ANARKOARTLAB constructed  this video installation especially for SESC Petrópolis 

INTEMPORALIDADE (all that travels out of time and space)