The reversal of surveillance systems project

This public art project, carried out in 1996 and titled Resonance, should be installed in public buildings such as Ministries of politics and culture, psychiatric clinics and government-owned banks. The intention was to reverse the surveillance system by installing micro-cameras in the windows of buildings, bringing the images of occurrences inside the building to a pool of oil outside of it.

Many monitors were submerged in the pool and showed, in real time, images of what was happening at several different internal sites of the buildings. this idea of transparency and revelation, of the hidden becoming public, seemed to me very opportune, especially in places where the entire system is supposedly conceived to represent and manage the public sphere.

This reversion of power… that is, to keep vigilance not over the public that enters the building but over those who work there and supposedly are paid, or are in some way elected to represent that public… seemed reflexive to me, particularly because it concerns the world under vigilance in which we now find ourselves.