The reversal of surveillance systems project

The 2006 New York City version targets NYC City Hall. Micro cameras are installed in strategic places inside City Hall including the Mayor’s office. The black and white images captured inside City Hall are available for public scrutiny in real time on the Internet. At certain times, the images are shown in Times Square (first option) and in the City Hall subway station (second option). The project exists in the information space anywhere/anytime as well as in the real space in NYC.

Resonance confronts the relationship between public and private matter. It suggests an inversion of the surveillance system.

The idea of transparency and revelation, of the hidden becoming public - seems opportune, especially in places where the entire system is supposedly conceived to represent and manage the public sphere. Vigilance is kept not over the public that enters the building but over those who work there and are supposedly paid and/or in some way elected to represent the public. The surveillance issue has never been so vital considering the new world in which we now find ourselves.