(1998 - 2006)

Spur was a project developed in Germany (Munich), Turkey (Cappadocia), Switzerland (Zurich), Brazil (Bahia / Amazon), and USA (San Francisco / New York City).

The process consisted of holding the canvas with one hand and dragging it over the floor, wall or ceiling of various places. This action caused the canvases to be impregnated with the traces of those areas, for example: mud from caves, desert residues, train tracks… With the other hand, at the same time, the process was shot. Each canvas is a unique piece.

The intention of this process is to discuss painting, printmaking and video. It tries to establish relations between the canvas and the projected image, such as the framing rectangle of the projection screen (the support in both cases), the composition, the perspective, the support of planes, the real and the virtual, etc

Classical questions related to video, printmaking and painting, such as large-scale reproducibility, are opposed to the “ painting aura”, itself associated with the impregnation of the canvas recorded in video, creating paradoxical situations. In Spur Brooklyn instead of the images being suspended and trimmed within a white rectangle, as in traditional painting and film images, they intentionally fall inside the canvas.