(2009 - 2010)

“There is no name to name the space of livid experience – except in poetry – in language liberate itself from the domination of power.” Guy Debored, Situationist International

Trans Smalls Sketches consists of an immersive experience with six channels of video projections on the floor and walls of the main halls of the Oi Future Museum in Ipanema.  The installation creates virtual space within an epic/ archetypical temporality. Figures walk from one projection to another as if they were Transiting through real spaces, creating planar divisions that interact with the progression of the narrative, which is also played in reverse. Each projection has an episode of the unfolding between story and history, starting with an adaptation of the syncretic genesis that begins with the birth of Yemanja, born from herself out from a cocoon, representing the hermaphrodite (Eve without the Adam).

Trans Smalls Sketches installation at Oi Futuro Museum in Ipanema

Video of Trans Smalls Sketches video installation at Oi Futuro Museum in Ipanema

video part 1 Trans Smalls Sketches                                              video part 2 Trans Smalls Sketches


Making of photos of Trans Smalls Sketches