Adriana Varella/ Heather Dewey-Hagborg (collaborator)

interactive computer program and 10 channels video projections.

The interactive projection/installation starts with 2 volunteers-participants who each will type one word on two distinct laptops placed on opposite sides of the room, attempting to create a telepathic experience. Based on a custom computer program, these 2 words will become associated and develop into an unpredictable phrase that the computer will extend into different languages, without the control of the artists’ original setting. The associative phrase will branch out into different directions, like a rhizome, creating many bifurcations and new possibilities of associations and meanings. This interactive unfolding will be projected onto walls, ceiling, and floor of the gallery. Each letter that is formed will be tied to a specific musical sound referencing the body’s incidental noises, creating a unique symphony for each word and phrase. In this way the sounds of each letter are remapped to a new alphabet of noise, making literal the arbitrariness of the spoken word.

Suddenly all the words will start to collapse.

"unlanguage" Mediations Biennial THE UNKNOWN - Poznan / Poland /  2012

Video "unlanguage" Mediation Biennial THE UNKNOWN - Poznan / Poland / 2012