Projection on the Facade of Public building

• People bring objects to be thrown on the fire...
This is an interactive and participatory proposal that works like a ritual. (Which object, for you, is too much in the world that you’d like to throw on the fire?)

They congregate at evening on one of the vast western plains of America to accomplish the feat. People come from all over the world. They make a gigantic bonfire kindled with all the genealogies, all the diplomas, all the medals, all the orders, all the judgments, all the coats of arms, all the crowns, all the scepters, all the tiaras, all the purple robes of royalty, all the canopies, all the thrones, all the cigars, all the love letters, all the artillery, all the swords, all the flags, all the martial drums, all the instruments of torture, all the guillotines, all the gallows trees, all the precious metal, all the money, all the titles of property, all the constitutions and codes of law, all the books, all the miters, all the vestments, all the sacred writings that populate and fatigue the Earth. (Jorge Luis Borges)

"spectacle in flames" / Flash: light NUIT BLANCHE /  New Museum / New York / 2011